Reddy Prasad Kurapati Venkata founded Sunsolv Technologies in the year 2009. He’s Sun Certified Web Component Developer with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. SUNSOLV has been growing steadily creating Client Unique Value, differentiation, and competitive advantages to engage, capture and retain Customers.

A decade into Programming, Mr. Prasad is highly sought after for Conceptualized Customer Oriented Service. He’s a Highly motivated, Self Learner, Skilled Collaborator, and Innovative thinker. People-Centered and Good Listener makes him a Great Team Player. Open Source geek, he’s acclaimed for integrating Support and Service.

Technology is always growing towards advances. Despite the fact that covid has been calling shots for the last year, we have seen some incredible growth in technology. There has been a massive rise in tech innovation in the field of medicine, healthcare, AI, and blockchain among others. Needless to say, these technologies are transforming our lives today. This shift also suggests new, more modular configurations of business organizations built around “platforms” of activities and technologies that target specific to their need.